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    Bộ nồi J.A.Henckels Zwilling Joy 5 Piece Cookware Set

    Giá bán: 7.500.000 đ

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Bộ nồi chuyên dụng bếp điện từ Henckels Zwilling Joy  bộ 5 món: 

1 nồi 20cm Stew pot 3L

1 nồi 16cm Stock pot, 2.4L

1 nồi 24cm Stock pot 7L

1 quánh  16cm Sauce pan without lid 1.5 L

1 chảo 28cm Fry Pan 


J.A.Henckels Zwilling Joy 5 Piece Cookware Set

This Zwilling Joy 5 piece set contains:
20cm Stew pot 3L

16cm Stock pot, 2.4L

24cm Stock pot 7L

16cm Sauce pan without lid 1.5 L

28cm Fry Pan uncoated

The Joy cookware series from ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS is the ideal introduction to the world of ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS cookware for the demanding amateur cook and the perfect starting point for a journey of culinary discovery.

This modern yet timeless design looks perfectly at home in any open-plan kitchen. The seal on the glass lid allows for energy-saving cooking while providing a clear view of the food inside.

Straight traditional design, smooth satin finish.
SIGMA Classic base:The Sandwich base with its strong aluminium core provides optimal heat conduction and stores the heat. It is perfect for the energy-saving, early reduction of the hob’s temperature to a low level.
Accurate and straight pouring without dripping.
Tight fitting lid for energy-efficient and water-saving cooking, glass lid allows watching while cooking, integrated silicon seal prevents steam from escaping.
Scratch-resistant surface, dishwasher safe.
Suitable for all types of cookers (electro, gas, ceran, halogen, induction), and also for use in the oven.

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