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    Máy cảnh báo rò gỉ gas Hàn Quốc Shin Woo ND-104N

    Giá niêm yết: 600,000 vnđ

    Giá bán: 400,000 vnđ

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Our full range products include GAS DETECTOR, GAS SHUT-OFF VALVE, FIRE DETECTOR and BURGLAR DETECTOR, most of them are patented and approved by goverment.


Alarm sound is operated when the gas is leaked and reached to alarm concentration.
Initial delayed circuit is applied for stabilization of sensor operating
Stable for surrounding temperature and voltage variations
Switching constant voltage method can consume the minimum power and stabilize the sensor
Automatic shut-off the gas valve by transmission of gas leakage signal to control part
Easy installation
Acquired CE certification

Made in Korea

Brand Name  : SHIN WOO , KOREA
Model  : ND-104N
Power source  : AC 220 V , 50Hz
Power consumption  : 1.3 W
Appropriate Gas  : LPG, LNG
Alarm concentration  : LPG 0.06 - 0.45 % ( 600ppm – 4500ppm )
LNG 0.06 – 1.25 % ( 600ppm – 12500ppm )
Alarm Indication  : Yellow LED Flashes and Alarm sound
Temp. & Humi. -20 ~ +40C, 95% (RH)
Dimension  : 110 x 73 x 37 mm.
Weight  : 235 g

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